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At Insight, we are able to offer a full spectrum of recruitment and added management services.  We have developed new ways to tackle old problems and can advise on all aspects of recruitment and manpower planning.


The Culture and Ethos of Insight Appointments

Insight Appointments Services

At Insight, we have worked tremendously hard with our Consultants to create a culture that encourages a sense of excitement and the desire to be part of a successful team. Our priority is to keep our company a professional and dynamic place to work. Our ability to attract and retain high calibre consultants is testimony to the importance we place on ensuring a happy and stimulated workforce. It is crucial to our vision of delivering exceptional standards of service with an innovative style, through our strongest competitive advantage – an unrivalled team spirit. Having helped to cultivate an ethos, which they are proud to be a part of – our team takes pride in representing their company by providing you with a genuine, quality service.

The belief at Insight is that we will find a way to resolve any recruitment or, human resource issue you may encounter has empowered our Consultants and created strength of its own, which is unique in the marketplace. We are committed to “excellence” in everything we do. Insight Consultants recognise that they are only one part of a 3-way partnership, and our job is to add value to your recruitment process.  Our philosophy is simple – we want to give you the quality service you deserve by being honest and doing what we say we are going to do – on time and on budget!

The recruitment industry is now decades old.  Initial standards were set in the 1980’s, added to these is the evolution which took place in the 1990’s. We believe that we have now modified recruitment techniques and have created the model for ‘best practice recruitment’ for the 21st Century.

Companies offering professional services operate in much the same way, having several key qualities in common:

– The ability to instil trust in their clients through credible consulting teams.

–  A demonstrable knowledge of their clients’ business.

– The ability to provide professional representation by having a reputable and strong brand identity.

Permanent Recruitment

Permanent RecruimentPeople move jobs for several key reasons but improved financial security is often a primary motivating factor.

At Insight, we take a detailed brief of your requirements, the issues facing your organisation and the personal specification of the ideal applicant.

We will then advise on the market rate for the skill set you are looking for.

If we feel that paying a higher basic salary will attract the right calibre individual, who will more than recoup the investment and tackle your immediate business needs, we will say so.

If we believe the skill set you are looking for is an ideal which is unavailable in a market condition – where for example, there may be a skills shortage, we will help you to revise your specification and search for the essentials, with the hope of finding some of the ideals.

We believe in working in partnership with our clients – it is no nonsense, honest approach which we are sure you will find refreshing.

If a search of our active database is likely to be successful, we will proceed with the recruitment immediately.

If in our opinion, an alternative method of recruitment (e.g. advertising, social media campaigns) is more appropriate, we will provide you with fully costed options and timescales.

Throughout all dealings with Insight, you will find that our focus is on getting the job done right; speed is important to us, however, a positive match of client and applicant is far more crucial.

Advertised Search and Selection

Advertised Search and SelectionA key factor in any successful advertising campaign is the strength of the message.

Our aim is to complement your existing branding and product marketing in order to ensure repetition and thereby captivate the audience.

Our advice will include advising on media selection, from local newspapers to specialist, national press and social media.

In addition, we will consider further promotional material dependant on your needs and budget, including direct mail, social media led campaigns, web-sites and radio advertising.

Using the latest interviewing techniques, we are able to compile an accurate shortlist, which will meet the skill sets for which you are searching.

Executive Search

Executive Search

Leadership is different from management.

When recruiting a member of your executive management team, it is essential to speak to consultants who are able to distinguish between these two key attributes.

At Insight, our specialist teams have the depth of experience and the understanding required to source the right individual.

The right leadership is dependent on your needs; each management issue requires different kinds of leadership.

Principally however, leaders share some common traits, they are credible, they are visionaries, and they are passionate.

Leaders empower and are driven, tenacious and determined – focusing more on people than tasks.

There is a growing need for emotional intelligence, which is something that we inherently believe in at Insight.

If a search is necessary for your campaign, we will work with you to ensure that the best methods are used to attract the right individuals.  You can rely on the expertise you will find at Insight, to ensure that the requirement is managed in a professional and ethical manner.

Interim Management

Advertised Search and SelectionAs with the recruitment of permanent senior management, finding the right interim manager is vital to the success of any short term strategic need.

Each of our very experienced interim managers has the strength of character, experience and ability, to step straight into an often delicate situation and ensure a smooth transitional phase.

Companies often find that the appointment of an external senior manager allows some breathing space for employees and customers in a time of change or restructure.

At Insight, we appreciate the responsibility our clients place in the hands of their interim manager.

Dependant on the timescale and the notice you can give us of your need will determine the methods used to identify the right manager for you.  Again, much like permanent executive recruitment, the recruitment may require a simple database search, through to a fully managed advertised campaign.

Client Managed Services

Additional services available to you from Insight are:

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